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Created 2year ago

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h0odratz 2year ago

this is some paranormal activity shit right here.


Jussii 2year ago

Heaaa ?


xXxBubblesxXx 2year ago

I feel like i know how you did this


Oh_Styx 2year ago

Really cool. O.O


xoitszoe 2year ago

are you on like a fan or something lol?


ninjavic 2year ago

Are you like a superhero or something?


latinee 2year ago



directioner9 2year ago

I wanna know your secret, how you can do gifs like this! hehe :3 It's really awesome! ;) xoxo


agate 2year ago

wow :O how did u do that????


aarongannon 2year ago

changed it ;D


Q10pie 2year ago

WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????


scelere 2year ago

HOW??? * ^ *


ADewyToRemember 2year ago

how do you do that?o.o


100002122411391 2year ago

How do you do thats? it´s cool


olivkayom 2year ago



Lauren-Moutray 2year ago

haha.. looks fun


saturn5ive 2year ago



Kandel 2year ago



rosetoprank 2year ago



AwesomeMe 2year ago

@whiteblur umad?


whiteblur 2year ago

how did u do that ? o.o


wutsidis 2year ago

@xMonkey skillz


xMonkey 2year ago



yungsosa 2year ago

in case you didn't know as of 9/12/12 aka "Jupiter Appreciation Day" Jupiter saved all of our lives and took a hit from a giant asteroid in order to save us all.


riotfloppers 2year ago



owensfantasy 2year ago

@squish what programs do you use for your gifs, and how long does it take? please tell me mate i'd love you if you did :)


KaylaKayy 2year ago

You're gifs are AMAZING!


xNightmare 2year ago

congrats on trending my friend ;p


caitedmondsxx 2year ago

da fq


toto101 2year ago

Soo original :-)


kmknm 2year ago

OMG ! o.o


xMonkey 2year ago



KarenRoseMiley 2year ago

@squish Me too :3


squish 2year ago

@KarenRoseMiley ahah i love them ;D


gifyo7085 2year ago

haha amazing !:D


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

I assume you used a spinny chair and shopped it out?


xKayla 2year ago



KarenRoseMiley 2year ago

You have the coolest pirates flags.


MonsterVamberova 2year ago

Perfect :O :*


JessicaVB 2year ago

Wow that is amazing squish follow please babe :)


annahjeanne 2year ago

adoro *-*


KeepCalmHaveFun 2year ago

ahhahaah how sweet xd


Alem91 2year ago

you make the best do you do this? haha


MDRW 2year ago

i know how this is done. office chair or stool?


squish 2year ago

@MultiVitanim i didnt do it jumping on my bed ;)


squish 2year ago

@NickerDoodling ahah i was at work and loled a little when i read that, got soo many weird looks now


mandybooobooo 2year ago

how did you dooooooooooooooo that? thats awesome


RoboRonald97 2year ago

The blankets ripple...HAX!!


lifenouveau 2year ago

&quot;That's Dope&quot;


Finding-Nirvana 2year ago

Talented man.


imawkward 2year ago

i can't even... :O


mahalintod 2year ago

idk how to explain this


NickDillman 2year ago

dat ass


AlwaysA 2year ago

gahhhh wtf.


imyourbatman 2year ago

i love you and your levitating <3


FMLkristyna 2year ago



d0llf4ce 2year ago

you probably make the best gifs. c:


Smine 2year ago

how the hell do you create these things? Been struggling for hours now :(


Tuva 2year ago

@squish Awesome mate!


squish 2year ago

@Sirih uhmmm ill see if i got time, ill let you know fridayyy ;D


joseREEtomas 2year ago



Tuva 2year ago

Drink with me on saturday brooooo?!


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


ju-albu 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ? O.o


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow LOOL<33


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe o i was going to do that for you but nvm :c


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow Hi, there are some fake guys on here who will try and take you to different web sites / chat sites, .... they may give you a link like... chateen/gifyo ... they may even give you a link with your gifyo account name on the end of it like chateen/gifyo/(youraccountname) or chateen/(youraccountname).......... stay away from those other sites as they may try and get you naked and record you !!! ............STAY away from those other sites !!! das how much i love you babycakes


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe ilywaymoar more then full homo *idk if thats possible*


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow ilymoargorgeous full homo


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe ily


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow mmmm


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe yes pls


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow orgasm with me next time


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe [;


AwesomeMe 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow mmmm


AssEater666 2year ago

@AwesomeMe same gurl


MajaTheCupcake 2year ago

an easy trick ;) but I'm not gonna be rude and tell it :D . cool idea (:


AwesomeMe 2year ago

i orgasmed


Markvanarkel 2year ago

epic ;O


ZacEfron 2year ago

holy shit, amazing!!!


maixxx 2year ago



DaydreamerJKC 2year ago

HOLY SH*T that is sooooo cool!


xjustmeamyx 2year ago

on hold for trend


kaylaroo 2year ago

h owW


OMeowO 2year ago

You sir, have some of the coolest gifs :3


sbduman 2year ago

@Tardisinvasion invisible cordage :P


Pii 2year ago

how do you do this? :o you're amazing


sbduman 2year ago

well, my gifs are baby toy. GUYS! THAT MAN İS FLYİNG!


AihricaLyz 2year ago

I understandd now


Tardisinvasion 2year ago

teach me your ways jedi-master


Izza-illusion 2year ago

if this isn't good, i suck


squish 2year ago

@Izza-illusion lol shushh, this isnt even done that well


squish 2year ago

@gifyo71922 aaronnnnnn <3 why didnt you pick a normal name lol


-weareyoung- 2year ago

What the fuck? HOW?


Izza-illusion 2year ago

yes your skills are f*cking incredible


gifyo71922 2year ago

squish.. wdf seriously xD its aaron btw


mylifeasdespina 2year ago



soniamachado 2year ago

what ??? :o


jolo3 2year ago



iComeInPeace 2year ago

how the hell did you do that ?Oo


VinRouge 2year ago

O_o wtf?!


CHARACTER 2year ago

i feel like imw atching alex mac


CHARACTER 2year ago



CHARACTER 2year ago

your amazing


otters-such2 2year ago

@squish please do <3 :33


fuckinque3n 2year ago

nice... :)


squish 2year ago

@otters-such2 aha i might upload a high ress version of this to tumblr in a bitt ;D


AveryCoco 2year ago

@squish i was thinking the same thing haha, but yeah that would be cool.


baileycakes 2year ago

wingardium leviosa!


otters-such2 2year ago

@squish it makes sense, you follow me on tumblr and I just posted your gif <333333 I tagged you in it no worries. seriously though, you = peter pan


squish 2year ago

@AveryCoco @wickedlace @AihricaLyz i might upload how i did this somewhere, i actualy almost face planted so many times making this


squish 2year ago

@otters-such2 lool thats funny cos every time im in england and tell people where im actualy from they think i say "neverland" and start calling me peterpan


squish 2year ago

@Izza-illusion you got nothing to be jealous about


emilieflensborg 2year ago



AihricaLyz 2year ago

please tell me how


otters-such2 2year ago

IT MAKES SENSE IF YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.... but I KNOW WHO YOU ARE @squish you're peter pan aren't you? lolol


tylerlasagna 2year ago



Izza-illusion 2year ago

I'm jealous


Joothefuck 2year ago

Wait what..


otters-such2 2year ago

you're a wizard and you didn't tell us?


anna-smolders 2year ago

How the...


KidCoolie12 2year ago



KingHarry 2year ago

you never fail to amaze me!


wickedlace 2year ago

uhg I'm going to spend like all day trying to figure this out now.


AveryCoco 2year ago

jesus fucking christ show me your ways.


yungtam 2year ago



yungtam 2year ago