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@Konst your gif should trend!

@Konst your gif should trend!" />

Created 2year ago

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Meo 2year ago

@SamCheeOfCourse i dont like tracing -3-
well i should finish my essay first before thinking about that @_ @


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@Meo I drew the original image, then retraced it like in traditional animation.


Meo 2year ago

@SamCheeOfCourse no to tracing! did that in school today... in the breaks ofcourse ..not... ~10-15mins i think o.o


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@Meo I am too. This is really rough. I saved alot of time with tracing


Meo 2year ago

@SamCheeOfCourse it does :o im drawing very slow actually i guess its going to take me around 2 hours if i draw 8-10 pics o,o well ima do that on the weekend maybe


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@Meo Well it took less than an hour I think for this. Lips may takes longer


Meo 2year ago

i wanted to do something like this with a kissing mouth.... if i had time for that...
stupid finals


Konst 2year ago

aww <3


RawrGoesKitteh 2year ago

Hey it trended like you wanted c:


purple-grapes 2year ago

just makin sure


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@purple-grapes we are friends between the sheets, ofc I wont forget you.


purple-grapes 2year ago

@SamCheeOfCourse just don't forget about me when u get famouze ok


br0nya 2year ago

@SamCheeOfCourse i dont really have any idea how you did this, is this in pencil?


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@br0nya haha thanks, but this is really amateur


br0nya 2year ago

dude you're awesome


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@iFartedaRainbow Im on a roll apparently @purple-grapes Oh you know, I appeal to hipsters. @justmarjorie I do not understand what you mean


AssEater666 2year ago

wow congrats on trend 2


bjprincess 2year ago

@whadduppbruhh draw this, and we'll talk


purple-grapes 2year ago

you have two trending gifs. shit brah. why so popular.


SamCheeOfCourse 2year ago

@Verunka13 Thankyou :)


Verunka13 2year ago

Páni)) Krásný


whataclevername 2year ago

*le seething jealousy.*


AssEater666 2year ago

inb4 trend bb c:


Greg96 2year ago



Anne-A-nne-Anne 2year ago

this will trend. :bowtie:


r0nald 2year ago

inb4 trending


yamjpg 2year ago

its beast<3


AwesomeMe 2year ago

its good