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My handwriting > your handwriting

Created 1year ago

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stalewaffles 1year ago

you're conceited bruh.


rootya 1year ago

my dogs handwriting > mine


Mace 1year ago

your handwriting sucks


katyhsu6064 1year ago

I can only read HELL dog, it goes too fast


IsthsRealLife 1year ago

in a galaxy far far away...


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@MultiVitanim it's a story


erda 1year ago

@tommyboy lol omg


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@Neibe bleh I know we have them I just need to find some


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@Neibe loll its just a story I came across, btw I still need to find an envelope :(


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@Neibe omg what ? :O


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@musicpulse my computer can suck a dick


musicpulse 1year ago

your computer misses you miranda


MirLaeWy 1year ago

@Neibe this is part of your letter Eduardo